2012 Merlot Morrison Obi Label



Ian Morrison’s Vineyard is nestled against the hills, in a small hollow surrounded by a forest, at the mouth of Adobe Canyon. It’s a perfect terroir for Merlot. Kept happy by Ian’s green thumb, his Merlot responds in kind – in its nose, its taste, its lush flavor, and its balance.


Whole berry fermentation and deft handling of the myriad details during its three-year journey from vine to bottle, exquisitely enhanced the magic from the vineyard.


With a complex profile, this Merlot has fruity aromas of berry, dry plums, and cherry. It has many layers of black and blue fruits. The nose opens to raspberry and plum with a hint of vanilla in the background. Well balanced tannin with notes of blackberries and rich mouth-feel give the wine an elegant finish.


Technical Data

95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol 14.1%, Residual Sugar 0.25g/L. Vegan. Grown without pesticides or herbicides.

2012 Merlot Morrison Obi Label