2009 Zinfandel, SV, May All Fours Be With You

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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Obi Wine Kenobi, a Jedi Master, declared Deerfield the home planet of the Rebel Alliance. All Jedi Padawan journeyed to Deerfield to study how to control the Force. They studied long, learned well, and went forth to mentor Padawan throughout the galaxy. One of their greatest accomplishments, after mastering the lightsaber, was to make Clean Wine®, providing joy and happiness to citizens far and wide."

The nose confronts you with notes of sweet peppermint, cedar cigar box, allspice, dark earth and chocolate. What an introduction! The nose alone will hold your interest for a long time. Once tasted, the flavors do not disappoint; they expand upon the promise of the nose. This is Zinfandel as it should be, as it was meant to be but seldom achieved. It is Deerfield at its best, as always.

Ultra-premium Pennsylvania oak barrels brought out the true Zinfandel flavors - that hint of vanilla and spice. The wine was allowed to age for its first eight months on the fine lees left from fermentation. This added mouth feel to the fruit and spice flavors. The barrel aging continued until, by taste, the wine told us it was time to bottle.

The White Perry Vineyard and the Los Chamizal Vineyard are located near the first Zinfandel vineyards planted in 1850 in the foothills east of the town of Sonoma. Zinfandel loves this microclimate. These two vineyards are two sides of the same coin, and have exactly the terroir that has made Zinfandel so successful in California.

ZINFANDEL capitalized. This is it.

Technical Data

55% Zinfandel, Los Chamizal Vineyard 45% Zinfandel, White Perry Vineyard

Alc. 15% by vol., Residual sugar 0.5 g/L

2009 Zinfandel, SV, May All Fours Be With You