Inner Circle 2009 Cab Franc, Kennybrook

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Janos Glück’s vineyard is in a tight little valley called Kennybrook in Kenwood, Sonoma Valley. Its hillside type terroir produces very small grapes with thick skins, giving the wine more flavor, tannin and structure. Cabernet Franc focuses on the top of the palate, like dark chocolate, giving the wine a chocolate nuance. We added a touch of Cabernet to add mid-palate flavor and a longer finish. We aged it almost 4 years in mostly French oak and now it’s been in the bottle for three years. The 2009 vintage produced great red wines and this one is now in its prime.

Technical Data

Alc. 14.8% by Vol., R.S. 0.2 g/L, Bottled 150 cases August 2013

Inner Circle 2009 Cab Franc, Kennybrook