2018 Pinot Noir, ElieO Vineyard



The Russian River Valley is the most highly regarded appellation for Pinot Noir.  ElieO Vineyard lies in the heart of the valley.  It has the perfect terroir, with volcanic soil mixed, over eons, with deposits from the Russian River and soils from ancient California Redwood forests.  The weather is ideal for Pinot, with summer mornings shrouded in Pacific fog followed of often brief hours of sunshine.  These perfect conditions produce this Pinot Noir that is elegant and multidimensional with each clone adding a unique nuance.  Our Pinot Noir will pair with almost any food and enhance any occasion.  We produced 300 cases.

Technical Data

Dijon clones 777, 677, 115

Res. Sugar .12g/L, Velcorin free, FSO2 at release <12ppm., Vegan, Histamine <5mg/L, Alcohol 13.8% by vol.

Elevage: ElieO Vineyard, Russian River Valley

2018 Pinot Noir, ElieO Vineyard