Rose 2017 Checkerbloom

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A cool dip on a hot summer day.

There is nothing so refreshing as a well-chilled glass of Rosé on a hot summer day. Don’t be afraid to toss in an ice cube: they do it in Paris. This Rosé of Syrah is more than just a sipping wine. It pairs beautifully with light and spicy fare. It’s great with a salad and can stand up to the vinaigrette made with lemon instead of vinegar. In fact, at our house we drink it all year around, often as an aperitif before dinner.

Many Rosé wines are made by the Saignée process where the fresh juice is bled from red grapes before they are fermented. The color comes from the short skin contact time before the must is pressed. The best Rosés are wines from grapes picked especially for Rosé. That’s what this one is. At Deerfield, our organically grown Estate Syrah grapes are picked at precisely the right time for Rosé production. The whole clusters are very gently pressed after hand sorting to separate the juice. With our sophisticated computer-monitored wine press, we can press grapes at 12 psi, a very low pressure, assuring the wine is fruity, soft, and free of bitterness or other drawbacks of harder pressing.

Fermentation takes place in a stainless tank, so we can gradually chill the juice until it ferments at around 45°F. This is key to the retention of the delicate flavors. We use a yeast that enhances the nose and fruit character. Clean Wine® techniques are used to assure you can enjoy this wine and end up with a clear head.

The proceeds of the sale of this wine go to the non-profit Checkerbloom Society, named for the endangered Kenwood Marsh Checkerbloom, pictured on the bottle, and will help fund the restoration of the Kenwood Marsh, a unique habitat and ecosystem.

Technical Data

100% Estate Syrah, first pick, organically grown

Alc. 12.7% by vol., Residual Sugar 0.5 g/L

Rose 2017 Checkerbloom