2016 AT Syrah



The @ sign connects you to your friends. @WINE is social glue, styled for taste.  @Syrah pairs beautifully with #grilled hamburgers and #air-fries. 

@Syrah @ an #idle moment

@Syrah @ a #picnic in the park


When texting doesn’t fit the bill; when real face time is the key; THIS WINE IS WHERE IT’S @.


This Sonoma Valley @SYRAH is loaded with blackberry and pie spice flavors, has soft tannins and low acid, all natural to this spectacular grape.  Deerfield techniques focus these characteristics by better attention to the details and extended 48-month barrel aging.

Technical Data

Vegan, Gluten free, no GMO, Low Sulfite, Low Histamine, No additives, All natural, Alc. 15.1% by vol.

2016 AT Syrah