2013 Zinfandel Los Chamizal



2020 13th Annual Fine Wine Competition Double Gold Medal Winner, 90 points

We’ve been making wine from Peter Haywood’s Los Chamizal Vineyard since 1978.  From Chardonnay to Cabernet to Zinfandel, they are always delicious.  We pick and ferment the Zinfandel by vineyard block as they are very different from one another in character and taste.  It’s a blend of terroir.  The Malbec accentuates the Zinfandel, making it even fruitier.  The blend is big, bold, and generous in dark berry flavors and structural depth that makes Zinfandel my favorite wine.

Technical Data

88% Zinfandel, Vineyard blocks 3, 4, & 9, 12% Malbec

Alcohol 16.5% by vol. Residual sugars 1.2g/L Vegan, no preservatives

2013 Zinfandel Los Chamizal