2013 Syrah, Estate


2020 13th Annual Fine Wine Competition Gold Medal Winner, 90 points

Our Estate Vineyards, in the center of Sonoma Valley in Kenwood, surround a protected wetland, the Kenwood Marsh, home to the Kenwood Marsh Checkerbloom, an endangered plant.  Deerfield, with the help of local naturalists, native plant experts, and conservationists, is restoring the wetlands and husbanding the endangered Checkerbloom.

Our vineyard, grown naturally and dynamically, without pesticides or herbicides, demonstrates that we can grow world class grapes next to a sensitive environment.  Both are thriving.  This Syrah reflects the richness of its terroir, giving it delicious flavors of ripe blackberries.  Barrel aging for 48 months softened the tannins.  

Technical Data

Alcohol 15.6% by Vol.

2013 Syrah, Estate