2013 Old Vine Zinfandel




Buchignani Garcia Vineyard

Dry Creek Valley

Sonoma County


Our Old Vine Zinfandel is grown on dry farmed vines planted over 130 years ago by the Buchignani family.  JoJo and Suzy Garcia’s Old Vine Zinfandel yields sparse, intensely flavored grapes and a wine like no other.  Specialized vinification techniques accentuate deep flavors, layered complexity, smooth edges and a noble finish.  The wine is bold and full of character.  It reawakens a satiated palate and restarts a lagging conversation.  The wine was aged in Pennsylvania Oak barrels for 48 months.

Technical Data

Alcohol 17.6% by vol. SO2 > 12PPM at release

2013 Old Vine Zinfandel