2012 Syrah, Obi Wine Kenobi

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100% Syrah, organically grown and organically made


The Vineyard: This Syrah is from our Estate Vineyard, which surrounds the Historic Kenwood Wetlands. This wine is a testament to how well Syrah grows in Sonoma Valley and how, using biodynamic farming practices, we can grow great grapes next to a very sensitive ecosystem. The high water table of the wetlands keeps the ground cool and damp long into the growing season, producing a generous blackberry flavor and less earthiness, normally associated with Syrah.


The 2012 Vintage was a perfect vintage. The weather was perfect and the vines had come off three challenging vintages so it was like they wanted to perform well. The wines have lots of structure and will, therefore, have a very long life.  Our Syrah vineyard was the last of our vineyards to be picked and profited by the long hang time in the gentle fall weather.


The Winemaking: As is true with all the grapes from the 23 vineyards in Sonoma County that grow for Deerfield, we handpicked and triple sorted the fruit, down to individual berries, assuring a clean long lived wine. Whole berry fermentation helped retain the varietal fruit character. We started the fermentation with a strain of yeast from the Rhone Valley in France. The last of the fermentation took place in the barrels in our cave.

We used a combination of 80% American Oak, mostly from Pennsylvania, and 20% French Oak; 20% of the barrels used were new wood. The 2012 Syrah was barrel aged for 39 months. Wine ages better in a barrel than it does in the bottle, achieving more roundness and greater depth.


Clean wine: Like all of our wines, this Syrah has low levels of histamine, which can cause red wine headaches, and low levels of sulfite, which can cause allergic reactions. Learn more at www.cleanwine.info

Taste: The color is a brilliant red and the nose full of spring days. The taste is like blossoms, and then it lifts up from the lower palate, revealing raspberry dominated fruit with a few nuts and a hint of lime zest. The long finish echoes back a bit of cedar and dried leaves, compelling and thought provoking.

Technical Data

73% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Malbec 5% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petit Verdot

Chemistry: Alcohol 13.2%, pH 3.65, Residual Sugar: 0.06%, SO2 at bottling 20ppm, at release less than 10ppm. Unfined. Cross flow clarified at bottling. Velcorin free.

2012 Syrah, Obi Wine Kenobi