2009 Zinfandel, SV May All Fours Be With You

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Zinfandel was first planted near the town of Sonoma in 1846, at the beginning of the California wine industry. It morphed over decades to become a unique Zinfandel clone, known only in California. California Zin has now been planted in other world wine regions.

Our Sonoma Valley Zin is a blend from two vineyards, White Perry and Los Chamizal, near the first Zinfandel plantings. Robert's winemaking style, starting with the best pick date, accentuates the varietal characteristics. Robert says this is what Zinfandel is supposed to taste like; rich but not overly extracted, a berry-laden supernova of expanding flavors from the middle of your palate outward, hauntingly delicious. You will find yourself immediately wanting another sip.

The 2009 Zinfandel is an excellent food wine. Much like Pinot Noir, a medium-bodied Zin pairs with a wide variety of food, from ham sandwiches to grilled seafood and much more. This wine will delight you and your guests. Our Old Vine Zinfandel is for the end of your evening, while our Sonoma Valley Zinfandel is for the beginning of your evening.

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2009 Zinfandel, SV May All Fours Be With You