2012 Syrah Cuvee

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Our Estate Syrah Vineyard, the center of Sonoma Valley in Kenwood, is surrounded by a protected wetland, the Kenwood Marsh.  Deerfield is restoring the wetlands and husbanding the endangered Checkerbloom plant that lives there.  Our vineyard, farmed naturally and dynamically, without pesticides or herbicides, demonstrates that we can grow world class grapes next to a sensitive environment.  Both are thriving.  This Estate Syrah reflects the richness of its terroir including flavors from the wild blackberries that abound in the wetlands.  Barrel aging for five years made the wine more complex and wonderfully smooth.

Technical Data

93% Syrah, 5% Zinfandel, 2% Petit Verdot

Alcohol 14.1% by vol. Residual Sugar 0.06% Vegan, Velcorin Free Sustainably Grown <12PPM SO2 at release

2012 Syrah Cuvee