Tawny Port, Non-Vintage


Best of Class, and 94 Points at the 2019 Sonoma International Film Festival

Paralleling the Malbec, this new release is Robert’s first ever Port style wine. One hundred percent Deerfield, this Estate Syrah has been kept in the cave as our little secret for the last six years. The Tawny Port feels thick and creamy on your tongue, almost like silk. It imparts both spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and bright fruit, such as plum, blackberry and maraschino cherries. There is just enough sweetness to cover the 19% alcohol without causing sugar to linger in your mouth. As an after dinner dessert, this Tawny pairs well with any treat ranging from vanilla-cardamom ice cream to dark chocolate raspberry flourless cake.

Technical Data

Non-vintage Estate Syrah. Barrel aged for 6 years.

Alc. 19.5% R.S. 5%

Tawny Port, Non-Vintage