2020 @SauvBlanc



The @ sign connects you to your friends. @WINE is social glue, styled for taste.  @SauvBlanc @ #lunch. @SauvBlanc @ #idlemoments.


When texting doesn’t fit the bill; when real face time is the key; THIS WINE IS WHERE IT’S @.




Sonoma Valley is the perfect terroir (a French word meaning “Sense of Place”) for growing Sauvignon Blanc. It is one of the most flavorful grapes in the world. This 2020 @Sauvignon Blanc is full of tropical fruit flavors. It is crisp, bright, and refreshing. Enjoy it as a cocktail, with shellfish, and pasta with pesto.


Technical Data

Alc. 11.6% by vol.

2020 @SauvBlanc