2019 @Pinot



The @ sign connects you to your friends. @WINE is social glue, styled for taste.  @Pinot @ #its5oclocksomewhere. @Pinot @ #picnicinthepark.


When texting doesn’t fit the bill; when real face time is the key; THIS WINE IS WHERE IT’S @.




Los Carneros is the southern end of Sonoma County where it touches San Francisco Bay. It is always cold and Pinot loves that. True to its origins this @Pinot has a gentle color, is delicate on the palate, delightfully complex and deliciously balanced. Pinot is the flip side of Cabernet; think between a strawberry patch and a walk in the woods. All foods taste better with @Pinot.


Technical Data

Alc. 14.3% by vol.

2019 @Pinot