2019 @Chardonnay


2019 @Chardonnay

By Deerfield

Russian River Valley


The @ sign connects you to your friends. @WINE is social glue, styled for taste.  @Chardonnay @ #idlemoments. @Pinot @ #aromanticinterlude.


When texting doesn’t fit the bill; when real face time is the key; THIS WINE IS WHERE IT’S @.




This 2019 @Chardonnay, from one of the best Chardonnay appellations in the world, was barrel fermented. It’s luscious, bright, smooth, and delicious. It’s top shelf on a budget. Chardonnay is the Queen of wines, the most often requested cocktail hour wine. It pairs well with fish, salads, and spicy foods, and is rich enough to enjoy with whatever’s on the menu.

Technical Data

Alc. 12.8% by vol.

2019 @Chardonnay