2018 Naked Ladies Valentines Day



Estate Vineyard, Sonoma Valley


Romance is in the air, which is why we've created a custom labeled bottle of our 2018 Sparkling Rosé for you or that special someone in your life. It's made from our organic Estate Syrah Vineyard using the Charmat Method, a sparkling winemaking process. This bottle titled "Loving You" is refreshing, fruity, not too dry, not too sweet.

The back of the bottle reads: 

“Loving you is a dream come true.

filled with joy and laughter too.

Loving you gifts me the days,

and fills my heart in many ways.

Loving you makes life so clear,

from day to day and year to year.

Be my Valentine, now and always.”


Poem by PJ Rex.


This bubbly bottle of wine is the perfect toast to celebrate love. Only $38 per bottle!


Technical Data

Alc. 12% by vol.

2018 Naked Ladies Valentines Day