2012 Pinot Noir, Glass House Vineyard



Pinot Noir separates the men from the boys in the wine world. Pinot is a feminine wine, delicate, gentle on the nose and palate, multidimensional, and difficult to make. Pinot grapes have thin skin and can’t take the heat. The Glass House Vineyard is in a cool reach along Hwy 116 in Sonoma, which runs through a gap in the mountains separating the coast from Sonoma Valley. The cool ocean breezes are perfect for this grape. Since Pinot Noir does not take well to blending, we blend different clones of the same grape to provide subtle variations in flavor that add complexity.

We invented whole berry fermentation principally for Pinot Noir. By not crushing the berries, we avoid the more aggressive skin tannins, accentuate the subtle fruit flavors, and retain more nuances in the nose. Our Pinot is aged in specially selected French Oak, which is a marriage made in heaven. It’s not in the barrel as long as Cabernet or other reds, so its delicate nature is not muddled. Pinot pairs with more foods than any other wine and ages well despite its light body. 

Technical Data

100% Pinot Noir; Clones 777, 667, 828

Alc. 13.1%, RS .24 g/L, TA 6.7 g/L

2012 Pinot Noir, Glass House Vineyard