2016 Zinfandel, Los Chamizal



2016 Zinfandel, Los Chamizal Vineyard, Vineyard Block Three, Sonoma Valley

100% Zinfandel


We’ve been making wine from Peter Haywood’s Los Chamizal Vineyard since 1978.  From Chardonnay to Cabernet to Zinfandel, they are always delicious.  The vineyard is in a small horseshoe canyon shaped valley.  The Zin is planted in blocks at various locations; each has a unique terroir.  We pick and ferment the Zinfandel by vineyard block as they are very different from one another in character and taste.  This block #3 is my favorite block.  It has amplified Zinfandel flavor and is incredibly well balanced.  It’s why Zinfandel is my favorite wine.


Technical Data

Alcohol 16.8% by vol. Residual sugars 2.2g/L Vegan, no preservatives

2016 Zinfandel, Los Chamizal