2013 Zinfandel, Ivy Glen


Ivy Glen Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain

100% Zinfandel

The 2013 Vintage was the best since 2007. We said that about the 2012 vintage but after experiencing 2013, it proved to be even better than the stellar 2012 vintage. What does “better” mean? Many tasters would say they are stronger but that is too simplistic. The 2013 red wines have more structure and more depth. They engage longer, the taste lingers longer on your palate.

The Ivy Glen Vineyard is on a high bench near the top of Sonoma Mountain. Planted circa Prohibition, these old vines were coaxed back to a small yield of intensely flavored grapes that reflect the unique terroir of Sonoma Mountain. The vintage produced strong, full bodied wines and this one is spectacular. It is beyond full flavored; it is rich on steroids. It will hold your interest no matter other distractions like food and friend and conversation. It won’t distract from those wonderful things but it will shout out to be noticed first, last, and in between.

It is currently my favorite Zinfandel and anyone that works at Deerfield will tell you that Zinfandel is my favorite wine.



Best Zinfandel, 2020 Sonoma International Film Festival

Silver Medal, 2018 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Technical Data

100% Zinfandel

Alcohol 17.5%, Residual Sugar 5g/L.

2013 Zinfandel, Ivy Glen