2020 White Rex



2020 White Rex

White Wine

Sonoma Valley


White Rex is like no other white wine in the world.  White wines have typically been single varietals and the rare blend, more often blended by the demand of supply.  White Rex is blended from varietals that fit together like a puzzle on your palate, blended by taste.  White Rex is full flavored, off dry, and refreshing.  It is good by itself and pairs with spicy foods.

Technical Data

61% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Roussanne, 9% Chardonnay

Alcohol 12.1% by vol., Residual sugar .2 g/L, Vegan, Unfined, Velcorin Free, Gluten Free, SO2, at release < 12ppm, Histamines < 5mg/L

2020 White Rex