2007 Syrah, Ladi's Vineyard



Ladi Danielik’s Vineyard is in Ribli Road district in the foothills of the Mayacamus Mountains on the east side of the Santa Rosa plain in Sonoma County. Grapes have been grown in this district for almost 200 years. Ladi, like earlier immigrants recognized this terroir as special. Its volcanic soil and warm summer days protected from the coastal influence by a ridge line, make it ideal for dark full-bodied wines. Ladi’s expertise, honed over many decades, assures that the partnership between grower and winemaker produces exceptional results. This 2007 Ladi Syrah has bold fruit and a lingering finish. It pairs perfectly with grilled steaks.



Technical Data

Alcohol 15%, R.S. 0.021%, 750 ML

Organically Produced. Bottled 250 cases April 2011

2007 Syrah, Ladi's Vineyard