2007 Syrah, Estate, Organic



This organic Syrah is produced from our estate vineyard, which encompasses 7 acres of the property surrounding the Kenwood Marsh. It is a testament to how well Syrah can grow in Sonoma Valley and is 100% Syrah, which for us is unusual. The flavor is so delicious by itself it didn’t need any amplification.

Syrah’s flavor profile generally focuses near the bottom of the palate, grounded and earthy. This one is different. The color is bright, brilliant red, the nose full of spring days. The taste is at first light, like blossoms, and then grows from the lower palate up, revealing raspberry dominated fruit compote with a few nuts and a hint of lime zest. The long finish echoes back a bit of cedar and dried leaves, compelling and thought provoking.
Like all of our wines, it is low in histamines so you won't get any red wine headaches. In addition, our wines are free of active sulfites when released so there will be no allergic reactions.


Technical Data

100% Syrah

Alc. 13.3% by vol.

2007 Syrah, Estate, Organic