2020 Sangiovese, Alpicella



Dan Sanchez grows Sangiovese with great care and dedication near the summit of Hood Mountain, 2,600 feet above the Sonoma Valley floor.  The vines love this terroir, producing abundant flavors of ripe strawberries in the wine.  We accentuated this flavor with Malbec, which deepens the flavor and gives the wine a long finish.  The wines were aged separately in our cave in a combination of French and American oak barrels before the blend was assembled by taste, becoming a true expression of the partnership between grower and winemaker.

Technical Data

90% Sangiovese, Alpicella Vineyard, 10% Malbec Running Rabbit Ranch

Alc. 13% by vol., R.S. 0.1 g/L. Vegan, Velcorin free, Cross flow clarified, FSO2 < 12 PPM, Histamines < 5 MG/L

Fountain Grove AVA

2020 Sangiovese, Alpicella