2005 Shiraz Cuvée, Magnum



For years we’ve been asked by collectors for large bottles. We finally gave in and bottled two wines in Magnums. They hold the equivalent of two 750 ml bottles, and are favored by collectors because the wine ages more slowly.
Slower aging adds depth and complexity. They look impressive for parties and at dinner with all the relatives.
The supply is very limited. We bottled just 100 cases of each, six bottles to the case.

Retail $150/Holiday price $112.50

Technical Data

Shiraz 78%, Cabernet Sauvignon 8%, Merlot 7%, Malbec 4%, Petit Verdot 3%

Alcohol 15%; Free Sulfites (SO2) at bottling 18 ppm; SO2 at release, less than 10 ppm. (Human threshold = 10 ppm)

2005 Shiraz Cuvée, Magnum