1999 DRX Meritage


DRX is a Meritage, which means that it is made exclusively from Bordeaux varietal grapes. By the time the wine is in the bottle, we, the winemakers, have tasted it thousands of times. The individual lots imprint on us with their special flavors and characters. When we regularly examine and taste from the barrels in the cave, we carry chalk to write notes on individual barrels, something about the wine or the process. Those barrels that taste the best in each lot got an "X" for eXceptional. This is where the X in DRX comes from. This Meritage blend is made from just the exceptional “X” barrels. We make the component wines separately, age them for two years, do the blend by taste and then return the blend for up to two more years of barrel aging. You say you don't have a cellar to age exceptional wines? Well, we've done it for you.
This 1999 DRX is now over 12 years old. It is a testament not only to the blending style but to the way we make our wines. Our red blends taste good when they are released and they age exceptionally well. When wine ages it doesn’t do so in a nice even curve - It goes up and down, gets smart, and gets dumb. We taste them regularly, such a job, and when they are “singing” as we say, at a peak, very smart, we let you know or we put one in the club. This 99 has never tasted better. Yes, it is a vintage wine, that’s its charm. It’s will give you flavors that exist nowhere else in nature. Drink it with a special dinner with friends.

Technical Data

50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 46% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc.

Three years aging in 85% French and 15% American oak barrels

1999 DRX Meritage