2007 DRX



Art and Tradition come together in our 2007 DRX, a Bordeaux style blend that accentuates elegance, balance and complexity. It heralds Robert's 43 years of experience making Meritage wines.

The 2007 vintage was the best of the decade. We selected by taste our favorite barrels from many lots of each varietal, marking each barrel with an "X" so we could find it again. After 3 years in the barrel we blended the wine and put back into barrels from our favorite coopers to age as it continued to improve, which was another 3 years. This sets our record for extended barrel aging and it was worth it.

Technical Data

63% CS, 13% CF, 11% MA, 8% ME, 5% PV

Alc. 14.2%, TA 7.8 g/L, RS .51 g/L, pH 3.29

Cases Bottled: 175

2007 DRX