2005 Gold



Select Harvest Botrytis
Dessert Wine, Sauvignon Blanc

Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards, Los Alamos Valley

Gold is a unique wine. Under rare and ideal conditions Botrytis Cyneria mold grows on the grapes late in the season, engulfing the clusters and concentrating the sugars. We stop the fermentation before the wine becomes dry, retaining natural sugars, and a distinct flavor from the Botrytis. The combination is a unique taste experience  unlike anything else in nature.
As Gold is poured, your senses are tantalized by its golden hue. The nose fills your head with lush aromas of ripe apricots, dried peaches and tropical flowers. The taste is exotic, sweet but not cloying; it’s like dried apricots over Cream Brulée, rich and sumptuous.

Blind Tasting:  1993 Chateau Y'quem: 0 (zero), 2000 Deerfield Gold: 10

Technical Data

Alcohol: 12.5%; Residual Sugar: 13.3%.

Bottled: 583 cases (375ml), Sept. 5, 2002

2005 Gold